Problems view

The Problem view bolsters your threat modeling by providing visibility into the risks your projects face. Use the Problem view to highlight the vulnerabilities your application faces and gain insight into the Tasks that have been assigned to you based on the Project Survey.

  • The user is a member of the project and has the permission Project Roles→Project Management→View Project.

Access the Problems view

Access the Problems view to see all Problems assigned to your Project by the Project Survey. Problems are automatically sorted by Risk Rating.

  1. From the Business Units menu, access your project.

  2. Select the Problems tab to see a list of all Problems associated with your Project.

    project problems 1.png
  3. Search by Problem ID or keywords in the title, description, or related Task titles, and filter by Risk Rating (see 1 on the image below).

  4. Select whether you would like to show only tasks from a relevant risk policy (see 2 on the image below).

  5. Select the Description icon to see the Problem’s description (see 3 on the image below).

  6. Select the Related Tasks icon to see the number of Tasks related to this Problem and the titles of related Tasks (see 4 on the image below).


From this view, you can also access the Task details for Related Tasks by clicking on the Task title.

From Related Tasks under the Problems view, you can see Tasks related to a particular Problem assigned to your Project. From this view, you can update the status of a Task or assign users.

  1. From the Problems tab, select a Problem from the table and click on the Related Tasks icon.

  2. From Related Tasks, you can modify the status of a Task by clicking on the Task status icon.

  3. From Related Tasks, you can also assign users to the Task by clicking on the person icon (see 3 on the image below).


Once you modify a Task status or add users for one Task, you can continue onto the next in the list or select another Problem.

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