Project tasks: more information

A project’s security requirements and tasks are displayed on the Project Tasks page. Users can drill into each task to learn more and action them.

There are two types of tasks that can be present in a project:

  • Library tasks

    • These tasks are normally included based on the project survey, but can also be manually added to a project.

  • Project specific tasks

    • These tasks have limited details and can be manually added to a project.

Task List Changes/Updates

During the life of a project, the list of tasks can change as tasks are added or removed. Some task list changes are immediate, and other changes require confirmation depending on what triggers the change.

Events causing immediate task list updates:
  • A project member adding or removing a project specific task.

  • A project member manually adding or removing a library task.

  • A project member modifying the profile or answers to the project survey

Events requiring confirmation before task list updates:
  • Content rules update: The rules governing when problems and tasks are relevant to a project are changed. These rules can be updated by the content administrator or when a new version of SD Elements is released. Please refer to Project content updates for more information.

If a project is configured for ALM integration the list of tasks are reflected in the other system when the sync runs next.

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