Access Microk8s Kubernetes Dashboard

  • For Microk8s versions later than 1.18, follow the instructions under Dashboard Proxy.

The dashboard proxy needs to be enabled on microk8s to allow access.

Dashboard Proxy

  • Create self signed kubernetes dashboard certificates

    mkdir kube_certs
    openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout kube_certs/key.pem -out kube_certs/cert.pem -subj "/CN=kubernetes-dashboard"
    microk8s.kubectl --namespace kube-system delete secret/kubernetes-dashboard-certs
    microk8s.kubectl --namespace kube-system create secret generic kubernetes-dashboard-certs --from-file=./kube_certs
    # Verify certs are loaded then clean up local artifacts
    microk8s.kubectl --namespace kube-system describe secret/kubernetes-dashboard-certs
    rm -rf kube_certs

Connecting to Microk8s running locally

  • Start the kubernetes dashboard-proxy. Retrieve the token displayed on the terminal

    Checking if Dashboard is running.
    Dashboard will be available at
    Use the following token to log in:
    <Dashboard Access Token>
    • Follow the above instructions and browse here:

  • On the Kubernetes Dashboard screen, select Token and enter the access token listed above.

  • Click Sign in.

Connecting to Microk8s running remotely

API Authentication (Microk8s versions 1.18 and earlier only)

If you are running microk8s versions 1.18 or earlier, you can access the dashboard directly via log in through the API:

  • Retrieve the Kubernetes admin credentials:

    grep -E "username|password" ~/.kube/config
  • Retrieve the Kubernetes token. Store the token name in a variable, then print token:

    token="$(microk8s.kubectl -n kube-system get secret | \
           grep default-token | \
           cut -d " " -f1)" && microk8s.kubectl -n kube-system describe secret "${token}"  | grep "token:"
  • Browse to the Kubernetes dashboard with the following URL (same IP_or_hostname used to access SD Elements). Log in with the admin credentials.

    • Enter the admin username and password to log in when prompted.

    • On the Kubernetes Dashboard screen, select Token and enter the token you saved earlier.

    • Click Sign in.

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