This section of documentation provides basic setup and maintenance guidance for SD Elements administrators. Documentation is divided into two sections by deployment type:

  • Virtual Machine (VM) Deployment

  • Container Deployment

    • These deployment instructions for SD Elements do not apply to the migration of current SaaS or OSD implementations to containers. This option is intended for setting up a new installation of SD Elements in a container environment.

    • This option has been made available to help familiarize you with containers and how SD Elements can be deployed as a container application in a Kubernetes cluster.

    • If you are a current customer interested in migrating your SD Elements implementation to containers, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Supported browsers

  1. Internet Explorer 11 (latest release).

Internet Explorer 11 will reach end of life as of June 15th, 2022. SD Elements will no longer support IE 11 after this EOL date.
  1. Edge (latest release).

  2. Chrome (latest release).

  3. Firefox (latest release).

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