Prerequisites & Requirements


Key Decisions

  • Is a migration to Security Compass' SaaS offering a viable migration path?

  • Will SD Elements be deployed in a cloud or on-premise container environment?

  • Which Kubernetes platform will be used?

Service Account

See SD Elements Service Accounts for instructions on requesting access to the SD Elements Helm chart.

Verify your credentials and access to the SD Elements Helm chart using the command below.

$ helm repo add sdelements \
    --username <SERVICE_USERNAME> --password <SERVICE_PASSWORD>
"sdelements" has been added to your repositories
$ helm search repo sdelements
NAME                            CHART VERSION   APP VERSION     DESCRIPTION
sdelements/sde                  [SDE_VERSION]   [SDE_VERSION]   SDElements by Security Compass Ltd.

Kubernetes Cluster

  • SD Elements may be deployed in a new or existing Kubernetes cluster.

  • SD Elements may be deployed in a cloud or on-premise environment.

  • The officially-supported Kubernetes platforms are AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Red Hat Openshift.

    • While any Kubernetes platform may be used, only those listed above are guaranteed to be warrantied. Support and troubleshooting on all others will be provided on a best effort basis.

    • See the Tested Versions table for the supported versions of these platforms.

Access & Permissions

VM Environment Container Environment
  • SSH access to the instance

  • Permission elevation to root user

  • Backup creation and retrieval

  • Container environment:

    • Write access for the infrastructure provider of choice. If an existing Kubernetes cluster will be used, full access may not be needed.

  • Kubernetes cluster:

    • Write access for the namespace to which SD Elements will be deployed

Requirements Gathering

An important step in migration planning is assessing the requirements of your SD Elements instance. During the initial deployment ongoing maintenance of SD Elements, modifications may have been made to the instance that should be catalogued and considered for the migration. See below for a list of areas where these modifications may have been applied.

This may not be a complete list. We highly recommend consulting all teams and employees that have maintained your VM instances before finalizing your requirements and migration plan.

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