General information

How do I contact SD Elements support?

You can contact support in the following ways:

How long do user sessions last?

User sessions in SD Elements will terminate when the user closes the browser or after a period of inactivity in the SD Elements application. The default inactivity period is two hours. This value is configurable.

If your browser continues to run background tasks after it has been closed (such as via a browser extension), the session cookie may not be terminated upon closing the browser. You must manually log out of SD Elements if you wish to terminate your session.


Supported browsers

  1. Internet Explorer 11 (latest release).

Internet Explorer 11 will reach end of life as of June 15th, 2022. SD Elements will no longer support IE 11 after this EOL date.
  1. Edge (latest release).

  2. Chrome (latest release).

  3. Firefox (latest release).

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