Remote Integration Agent

A Remote Integration Agent (RIA) must be used when SD Elements cannot access the servers to be integrated. If there are conditions that prevent direct communication, such as being in different networks, then the integration server is considered inaccessible to SD Elements. These restrictions often affect users of SD Elements SaaS instances.

The Remote Integration Agent is a standalone application that runs on a server separate from SD Elements. This separate server must have direct access to all servers to be integrated with SD Elements (such as Jira, Team Foundation Server, Fortify SSC, and Active Directory). The Remote Integration Agent software is available by direct download from SD Elements.


The image shows an example of a setup using the Remote Integration Agent:

  • An SD Elements instance is accessible through the Internet.

  • Integration servers are in a private network, inaccessible by SD Elements.

  • The Remote Integration Agent is running in the same private network as the integration servers, and can connect to both SD Elements and the integration servers by:

    • Authenticating to SD Elements over HTTPS using an API token.

    • Connecting to SD Elements to retrieve jobs and connection information.

    • Connecting to the integration servers to process the jobs.

    • Returning the results to SD Elements.

This image shows the RIA tool having a single ALM integration. However, the RIA is capable of integrating with multiple platforms available to its network presence.

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