Just-in-Time Training

Advanced training integration provides in-context training for team members known as Just-in-Time Training (JITT). Team members can stay up-to-speed on security concepts and best practice implementations as they are needed for their project work.

When you perform Issue Tracker integration, your Issue Tracker of choice can synchronize with training content from SD Elements. You can access those training modules directly from your Issue Tracker to complete any course you like on SD Elements and track your progress.

Just-in-Time Training is also accessible through the user Account profile.


Just-in-Time Training integration requires additional licensing and configuration. Reach out to your sales support representative for more information.

Use Just-in-Time Training

SD Elements provides in-app training covering various programming languages and key security concepts. Training links are marked with the icon.

Examples of integrated training links are provided below.

  • Project Countermeasure list

    Project Countermeasures training
  • Project Countermeasure detail

    Project Countermeasure training

Generate a training report

Monitor the training progress of team members by following the steps below.

  • Valid training license.

  • The user has the permission Global Roles → User Management → Manage Users & Groups.

  1. Under the Reporting menu, select Training Report.

  2. Click Download as CSV.

A report file is downloaded in CSV format. The file contains the list of team members and whether a training module was completed.

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