The guidelines below cover general cases where an Issue Tracker integration is not working and what may help to remedy it. For help with a specific tool, please refer to its documentation, or reach out to the SD Elements support team.

Cannot connect to the Issue Tracker server

  • SD Elements can only connect to the Issue Tracker server through a proxy:

    • Configure the server to support the proxy.

  • The Issue Tracker server is installed in a custom location

    • Configure the Context Root setting for the correct value.

HTTPS certificate validation fails

  • Uncheck the Enforce Certificate Validation option.

    • This option should not be unchecked in production contexts.

  • Install the signing certificate on the SD Elements server.

  • The organization rewrites the certificates used in SSL/TLS connections.

    • Add the organization signing CA certificate to the SD Elements server.

There is no access to the Issue Tracker server

  • "No route to host" is a typical indication.

    • Work with support teams to facilitate a solution.

    • It may indicate a DNS or connectivity issue.

  • A firewall or IPS may be blocking the traffic

    • Request an exemption for the traffic from the SD Elements server to the Issue Tracker server.

    • The connection is typically HTTPS, which uses TCP and port 443.

  • Consider using the Remote Integration Agent if SD Elements cannot directly access the Issue Tracker server.

Cannot create issue/task in Issue Tracker project

  • The user doesn’t have sufficient permission to create issues

    • Update the permission of the user in the Issue Tracker.

    • Update the connector with a new username/password or token that has the needed permissions.

  • Required fields are missing values

    • Update the Custom Field Mapping configuration with the required fields.

  • The priority value is not set correctly

    • Update the Custom Priority Mapping configuration to match the project’s requirements.

  • The Issue Type is incorrect

    • Confirm the type of issue in the sync configuration is valid for the Issue Tracker project.


  • The latency between SD Elements and the Issue Tracker server is too high

    • Investigate whether a proxy is slowing down the connection.

    • Extend the integration timeout from 10 minutes (default) to a larger amount.

    • Modify the Countermeasures to synchronize configuration so that fewer Countermeasures are in scope for synchronization.

HTTP Errors

  • Error 5xx (for example: "HTTP Error 500")

    • An unexpected error occured on the Issue Tracker server. Contact the Issue Tracker server support team for help.

    • An unexpected error may have occured on an upstream proxy (if applicable). Contact the proxy support team for help.

  • Error 4xx

    • "HTTP Error 400": The version of the Issue Tracker may not be compatible. Reach out to SD Elements support about this issue.

    • "HTTP Error 401": The connection user is not valid or has an incorrect password.

    • "HTTP Error 403": The connection user may have insufficient permissions.

    • "HTTP Error 404": The Issue Tracker server connection details may be incorrect. Check the domain name, port, and context root details of the server.

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