Can customers using VM deployment access the Diagram feature?

Yes, there is no restriction to Diagram functionality.

Is the Diagram feature available via API?

Yes, you can retrieve your project diagram in JSON via the SD Elements API. However, downloading and viewing the diagram is only available in the user interface.

What happens if I turn off the Diagram feature?

You will no longer see the Save & continue to diagram button on the Survey page or the Diagram tab in the project menu.

Surveys and diagrams

What if I have a custom Survey?

Diagrams can only be generated from stock Survey Answers.

What if I don’t save the Survey before opening the Diagram page?

You will lose Survey edits if you navigate away from the Survey page without saving or if the session times out (2 hours), which will affect any generated diagram.

Working with the canvas

Do components added to a generated diagram bring new Tasks into the project?

No, adding or removing diagram components does not affect project Tasks. Project Tasks are brought in only from Project Survey answers.

Can multiple people edit a diagram at the same time?

No, only one person can edit a diagram, similar to Survey functionality.

How can I export an image of the entire diagram?

An exported diagram is a representation of what you can see on the canvas. If only part of the diagram is visible on the canvas but you want to export the entire thing, click the [ - ] zoom button until you can see the all components, zones, and connectors.

How can I visualize ingress/egress points in a diagram?

You can add a label to a connector to denote an ingress or egress point.

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